What is a Prop Trading Challenge?

To secure funding, prop traders generally have to clear a prop trading challenge. It is similar to a forex trading competition and acts as a trading skills test

What is a Prop Trading Challenge?

Prop trading is an attractive choice for determined traders. Understandably, prop trading firms receive very high volumes of applications, the screening of which becomes unavoidable for them. To do so effectively, and to also judge the applicants in the best manner possible, prop trading firms ask traders to complete something called a prop trading challenge. In this article, we will talk about this tough test traders go through, the benefits of taking part, and the important stages involved including the essential trading skills test. It explains how these challenges can give traders access to more money, chances to show off their trading skills, and real-world experience.

What is the Proprietary trading challenge?

A proprietary trading challenge is sort of a test for traders, set up by prop trading firms. The goal is to figure out if a trader is good at what they do. It checks things such as how they make trading decisions, manage risks, and overall, how well they perform in trading. If a trader passes this challenge, the trading firm might fund their money to trade with. The challenge usually has specific goals, like making a certain amount of profit while sticking to certain safety rules. The difficulty of the challenge depends on how much experience and skill the trader has.

Phases of prop trading challenge

Challange Phase

Traders start in a practice round where they use demo accounts. The goal is to meet specific targets like making a profit, handling losses, and following the firm's rules. There might be different rounds in this stage, and traders usually pay a fee to join. If they pass and move to the real deal, they might get their fee back.

Verification Phase

Once a trader succeeds in the initial challenge, there's a final check to make sure they can consistently do well. This can happen on a practice or real account.

Trader Verification

After passing the confirmation, the firm looks at a trader's history, strategies, and how well they follow rules. This extra check helps the firm make sure the trader fits with their goals.

Funding Phase

If everything checks out, the trader becomes eligible for a funded account from the firm. This means they get to trade with the firm's money, allowing for larger trade positions. The amount of money depends on how well they did in the challenge. For most firms, the funds provided are fictitious, yet traders get a split (in real money) into the profits they make using those funds.

Risk Management

Traders with funding must stick to the firm’s rules and safety measures, managing risks and following the firm’s strategies. The funding might have a time limit, and the trader could get reviewed again. If they break the rules, the funding stops. Usually, the trader doesn't risk their own money, except for the initial fee and any potential profit share.

Sharing the Gains

Profits made from trading the funded account get divided between the trader and the firm, as agreed beforehand. This split often happens regularly, depending on what the firm decides.

Profit Withdrawals

Traders can then take out their share of the profits, following the terms of the funding agreement.

Benefits of Participating in Prop Trading challenges

1. Access to Capital

Participating allows access to significant capital from the trading firm, enabling larger trading positions and potential for higher profits.

2. Building a Track Record

Traders can showcase a successful trading history, proving their skills and increasing credibility in the trading community, attracting potential investors (as prop trading firms are generally backed by Venture Capitals) and future funding.

3. Networking Opportunities

Engagement opens doors to valuable connections with experienced professionals, mentors, and representatives from the trading firm, offering insights, guidance, and potential career opportunities.

4. Skill Development

Challenges provide a structured environment for refining trading strategies, improving risk management, and enhancing decision-making skills, contributing to overall skill development.

5. Real-World Trading Experience

Simulates real-market conditions, exposing traders to market volatility, helping them gain practical experience in managing both successful and unsuccessful trades for better preparation in live trading.

How to successfully pass a prop firm challenge?

To successfully pass a prop firm challenge, aspiring traders should keep the following things in mind:

  • Begin by thoroughly understanding the specific rules and objectives set by the proprietary trading firm.
  • Craft a well-defined trading strategy, including clear entry and exit criteria, risk management rules, and plans for various market scenarios.
  • Practice diligently using simulated or demo accounts to refine your strategies and build confidence.
  • Focus on effective risk management, documented through a detailed trading journal.
  • Maintain discipline, patience, and emotional control.
  • Stay updated about relevant market news and events and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • At first, try to stay conservative, prioritizing consistency over excessive profits.
  • After completing the challenge, always undertake a comprehensive review of your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses.


In conclusion, a proprietary trading challenge is a qualifying test for traders set by special firms, aiming to identify and support skilled individuals. Successfully navigating the challenge offers traders access to significant capital, and opportunities to build a track record, network, develop skills, and gain real-world trading experience. To pass, traders need a solid understanding of rules, a well-defined strategy, and effective risk management. After completing the challenge, a thorough performance review helps identify areas for improvement. With discipline and strategy, traders can use these challenges to access capital and enhance their experience in financial markets.

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